The ISMB Biophysics Centre
at Birkbeck

Fluorescence Spectroscopy
(FluoroMax3, Horiba)

Intrinsic fluorescence or site-specific labels can be used to monitor oligomerization, ligand binding, folding and local conformational rearrangements. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer between suitable pairs of fluorophores gives information on their distance. The FluoroMax3 is a highly sensitive spectrofluorimeter, and is able to scan 160 nm/sec over a range of 200-850 nm. Consequently, complete 3D excitation-emission profiles can be recorded in just a few minutes. Excitation and emission polarisers allow for anisotropy measurements.

Our FluoroMax3 has a stirred and temperature-controlled 4-position sample changer. Alternatively, a fibre-optic 96/384 microwell-plate reader can be connected for high-throughput applications, e.g. screening of potential ligands or rapid collection of concentration-dependent data.

ISMB Biophysics Centre, Birkbeck, University of London
Last modified 2011