The ISMB Biophysics Centre
at Birkbeck

About Us

The ISMB Biophysics Centre provides access to instrumentation and expertise in the analysis of biomolecular interactions for scientists in London. A variety of instrumentation is available for the characterisation of equilibrium and kinetic behaviours of protein, nucleic acid and small-molecule interactions on a hire, service or collaborative basis. For an overview of the methods and techniques available, please click here.

Planning an experiment

Please read the overview for basic information and contact the Centre Manager for an information sheet and questionnaire on a specific technique. More detailed planning will depend on the information you return to us. Usual pitfalls are the solubility or stability of your sample at the buffer conditions required and the lack of suitable controls. Thorough data analysis is essential before conclusions are drawn from any biophysical experiment. Please discuss this in advance as well.

Please also note that our safety regulations need to be followed in any case..


Bookings can be made and viewed here. If you have no valid login, please book through the Centre Manager.

Charges depend on the instrument and on the amount of training required and service to be provided. We charge to cover cost and only if there is sufficient funding on your project. Please enquire. For future projects involving the Biophysics Centre please contact us well in advance of your grant application.

Contact and Location

ISMB Biophysics Centre
School of Science, Crystallography
Birkbeck, University of London
Malet Street
London, WC1E 7HX
Tel 020 70790749 (from internal: Ext 0749)
Email biophysics_centre(at)mail(dot)cryst(dot)bbk(dot)ac(dot)uk

Click here for maps of the college and surroundings. Please note some instrumentation is located nearby at UCL.

Centre Management

Centre Manager: Dr. Tina Daviter
Centre Director: Dr. Mark A. Williams
Management Committee: Prof. Gabriel Waksman, Prof. Bonnie A. Wallace, Prof. Peter R. Rich, Prof. Steve J. Perkins, Dr. Snezana Djordjevic

ISMB Biophysics Centre, Birkbeck, University of London
Last modified 2011